Dayereth's Estate

"She should have let you eat the berries."

After the rescue of Nimozaran from the Kobold Hall, and the elimination of the remaining Kobolds, the Old King’s road is safer than it has been in decades. Trade between Fallcrest and Winterhaven has grown and the town is becoming more prosperous. The townsfolk, especially the local merchants who now have an expanded market for their goods, are appreciative to SMITE and it is not uncommon for a chorus of cheers to break out when they enter any of the local inns and taverns. But as is the way with adventurers, the stories of Kobolds and a white dragon soon grow stale on their tongues.

While SMITE’s stories grow older, their rooms in the Silver Unicorn Inn grow ever smaller. The increased trade and travel through the town have meant Wisara’s Inn is ever busier and [:wisara-osterman | Wisara]] has begun shuffling them around to smaller rooms to accommodate wealthy merchants looking for accommodations. Merchants willing to pay much more than what Wisara has been charging the group. As SMITE’s stay in Fallcrest has continued with no end in sight, Wisara has hinted that perhaps they should look into long-term residence elsewhere.

On a rainy evening after Wisara had closed for the evening, Rangrim, Zakiya, Amnon and Dayereth are gathered around the fire, trying to keep the dampness at bay, sharing stories of old adventures before the group was met. Wisara hustles out from behind the bar to answer a knock at the door. She greets a halfling and asks him in, pointing him to the group by the fire.

A halfling rogue by the name of Crobin Wood is looking to join the party. And to sweeten the pot he brings with him the title to Dayereth’s family estate. An item he “acquired” during his wealth redistribution around Fallcrest. With title in hand, all they need is a location, for which they eventually find themselves at the door of Armos Kamroth, a wealthy land owner who resides on a large estate within Fallcrest’s walls. As the owner of much of the land south of Fallcrest in and around the Moon Hills region, the group convinces Armos to lead an expedition to where he believe the estate to be.

But Armos is not what he seems. After leading the group about through the dense woods around Moon Hills, Armos, along with his lackey, three guards and their two wolves attack you, looking to take the title to the estate for himself. After a long, pitched battle, SMITE wins out the day, tying Armos to a tree to get information from him. Under his cloak and jacket you find a symbol of Tiamat hanging around his neck, the goddess of greed. Revealing nothing more than his selfish greed wanting to steal the title to Dayereth’s estate and leave your group for dead in the forest, SMITE leaves him tied to a tree, taking his map of the region and heading out on their own.

Navigating their way through the woods, the adventurers stumble onto a goblin camp, complete with goblins and a large bugbear. From which they follow a path back to an old estate, Approaching the building you find large stone post that once probably held a gate that surrounded the house. There is weather-worn name plate bearing the name of Dayereth’s family.

With goblins camping outside, what might reside within?


I still laugh every time I read “She should have let you eat the berries.”

Dayereth's Estate

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