Dayereth's Estate, part 2

Approaching the building cautiously, the group sends their new-found halfling in through a second floor window. No sooner does Crobin disappear through the window then the rest of the group is caught noisily approaching the building. The door swings open and goblin crossbows fire. As the main group battles in through the front door, Crobin attacks from large hole in the ceiling. Once the group has advanced into the entrance, Crobin summersaults down from through the hole and onto the staircase above, taking on the goblin archers and preventing any escape to warn the rest of the building’s inhabitants.

SMITE finds themselves battling through a sea of goblins in the next room, led by a goblin hexer on stage. Two doors lead off from each side of the room. There can be little doubt now that everyone knows they are under attack. Through the left door, a dark, candle-lit laboratory with bookshelves lining the walls. There are chemicals and arcane components spread across the tables. As you walk about the room, and the floor is sticky from spilled concoctions, and the their is a rotting stench in the still air.

On the opposite side of the room is a large door leading into a separate chamber. Dayereth uses his mage hand to ease the door open, and a sun rod is thrown in, still from far off nothing can be seen. As Amnon gets too close, a huge zombie hobgoblin charges out into the room. Dispatching the zombie leaves the party on edge as they collect magical components spread across the tables.

Off the central chamber one door remains. Behind it lies a group of battle-hardened hobgoblins, prepared for the assault. As the main line holds fast, an archer harasses the group from behind. Once the group has moved well into the chamber, the air behind them shimmers, as if a mirage, revealing a hobgoblin warcaster. Using his immense skills he wreaks havoc among the ranged party members, while the melee continues battling the group of hobgoblins on the other side of the room.

At last, with the party running low on tricks and health, the estate is taken. Spread across the tables in this room are maps of Fallcrest. Alongside the maps is a note, it is a call to war against Fallcrest. A new leader has emerged among the Orcs, and using the Bloodspear War as a rallying call, he has roused the Orcs to war, looking to recover the glory they had after the last war when Fallcrest was overrun. The note also mentions “forces within Fallcrest” that have provided information on the towns defenses. No exact date is mentioned for the attack, but it does state that forces will gather by the rise of the new moon, two days from now.

If caught unprepared, it seems unlikely that Fallcrest will survive such an onslaught.



I had forgotten some of the bits from our last quest, so glad to be able to relive it via the adventure log. I remember how Amnon stode up to the large door and peered in calling back over his shoulder to Dayereth “Hey use you mage hand to open it…..CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT!”

The scars should remind Amnon he is wearing leather armor!

Dayereth's Estate, part 2

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