Kobold Hall

The original band of adventurers: Rangrim, Zakiya, Amnon, Szøk and Shortslice were met in Fallcrest, acquiring rooms at the Silver Unicorn Inn, run by Wisara Osterman. As word of their arrival spreads through the town, Lord Warden Faren Markelhay approaches the group with an offer.
“There is a growing Kobold threat on the old King’s Road, to the east of Fallcrest. In the edge of the Cloak Wood, stands the ruins of an old manor. No one now recalls it’s right name, but it is now known as Kobold Hall. These Kobold vermin have begun launching raids against trade caravans that pass by. Fallcrest needs trade if it is to thrive. Does this sound like a problem your band of adventurers can handle?”

Wisara directs you to contact Nimozaran, an eldery wizard that resides in Septarch Tower. Nimozaran fears that there is more than Kobolds residing in the the decrepit Kobold Hall. Glad to have someone who believes his concerns, Nimozaran equips the party with magic weapons that have been locked away in the tower for time unknown. He also provides use of his teleportation circle to speed the adventurers on their way.

Kobold Hall lives up to it’s name. The ruined manor whose rightful name is long forgotten is full of Kobolds. This is the outpost from which they launch raids against merchants traveling the nearby King’s road. As the group worked further into their lair, they discover a shrine to Tiamat, the evil god of wealth, greed, and envy; she is also the patron of chromatic dragons. Kobolds have always been worshippers of dragons, dwelling near them and offering them sacrifices and treasure. For the most part they are ignored by dragons, but sometimes a young dragon will use the Kobolds as a craftsman uses a set of tools, to gain wealth and influence until they are no longer required.

These Kobolds are no different. Among the possessions of the slain Kobold leader you find a key to a secret passage. The stairs, cut clean and sharp out of rock give way to a more natural staircase, leading down into a passage whose cool temperature belies the truth of Kobold Hall. A young white dragon awaits the party, laying on a frozen underwater pond. The intrusion is most unwelcome, but in the end, the party emerges victorious.

The white dragon under Kobold Hall is dead.



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