Orc Siege Pt 2

"Where's the real challenge?" ~ Rangrim

As SMITE waits for the impending battle to begin, Rangrim, Crobin and Zakiya take post down on the ground right in front of the Knight’s Gate. Amnon and Dayereth have taken post on top of the wall. In the painful silence before the battle, just as the last drops of sun fall behind the mountains, SMITE hears something in the distance. Four villagers running as fast as they can come into view. Zakiya and Rangrim exchange glances, as Crobin stares into the darkness, and notices the reason they are running. “Drakes!” Crobin calls out, Zakiya runs into battle hoping to deter the drakes from the villagers. Crobin and Rangrim follow her into battle but before they can get there she successfully distracts one of the drakes at the cost of her own skin. Crobin, enraged as seeing his friend attacked, unleashes a massively damaging attack on the drake. Rangrim also angered by seeing his friend injured runs up to the drake and sets a divine challenge upon it. Amnon casts a spell from atop the wall at the drake hitting and severely injuring it. Out of the darkness three Orc warriors rush into the fight. Dayereth concentrating his spell on the bloodied drake takes it down, giving Zakiya time to slide back from the fight and heal herself. The villagers exhausted and believing they have escaped the danger make their way to the gate. Amnon unleashes another spell on the remaining drake, as the Orcs close in on Rangrim. Crobin sneaks up behind one foe, but Amnon takes the Orc out before Crobin can land a single blow. Crobin casts a quick glance at Amnon’s only to see his eyes aglow with a dark red flame as he summons arcane magic from the depths of his flesh. Dayereth conjures a Shock Sphere and takes out several Orcs with one blow. Zakiya taking advantage of the confusion, slips back and heals a civilian, and strikes the killing blow to another Orc without breaking her stride. Crobin noticing that the battle is almost theirs and not wanting to be outdone by an elf, dashes for the gate, jumps into the air and kills the final Orc with nothing but his sling. Crobin somersaults into his landing and rolls until he is back on his feet well inside the gate. After Rangrim and Zakiya exchange confused looks, they help the civilians in the gate. Crobin realizing he had left the civilians in the dust, stammers to say, “I was just…um…going to make sure the gate stayed open for you.” As Zakiya passes she looks down to her halfing friend and says “Thanks.” Crobin winces as if she stuck him with a dagger. Rangrim hands off the civilian to a nearby person, and leans on his hammer, grins and says “Where’s the real challenge?” As if the gods themselves were listening a runner comes up to Nayereth and tells him, between gasps for air, that the Five-Arch Bridge is being overrun by more Orcs. Rangrim picks up his hammer and sets out on a dead run, his plate mail clanking away. The rest of SMITE make their way to the bridge as fast as they can.

W. Fletcher



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