Orc Siege Pt 3.1

"The fuse is where?" ~ Crobin

I am no runner, so by the time I get to the bridge, SMITE has already been able to assess the situation, and was talking to a soldier on the East side of the Five-Arch Bridge. I am sure I have missed most of the conversation, but I do arrive in time to hear Crobin exclaim “The fuse is where?” After which he said several words in a language I am not familiar with. It appears the soldier left holding the fuse decided it would be best to keep it in the building on West Side of the Five-Arch Bridge. Too many Orcs between here and there to deal with that now. There are a couple of Orcs on the bridge, as well as another Orc riding a massive Dire Wolf. As I try to get a better look at the battlefield I see a large arrow fly from the building on the other side of the river, knock a soldier back and nearly staking him to the ground.

SMITE turns to face the charging Orcs, Crobin and Rangrim taking point. The Orc rider on the Dire Wolf locks eyes with Rangrim only for a moment and charges. After trading several blows, Rangrim calls upon Melora for strength, and hits the Dire Wolf with such force he knocks the rider off, and send them both skidding to the side of the river. Both rider and Wolf barely manage to keep from falling in. Dayereth and the Longbow Orc keep trading hits, but clearly the battle is taking a toll on both of them. Amnon and Crobin have been concentrating on killing the Dire Wolf while Rangrim wages a vicious battle with its rider. A couple of Orc Warriors notice that Crobin‘s attention is elsewhere and decide to take advantage of the opportunity and close in on him. Zakiya conjures heals for Crobin and Dayereth. Amnon notices the look of fear in Dayereh’s eyes and steps in front of him, but hopes he will not have to catch any arrows from the Longbow Orc. Rangrim and Crobin concentrate on killing the Dire Wolf, and Crobin strikes the killing blow, screaming in rage as he heaves the massive wolf carcass into the fast moving river. Dayereth catches sight of Crobin‘s victory over the wolf, closes his eyes and concentrates, channeling his power into another spell. He unleashes a mighty spell, that a moment later, disintegrates the Longbow Orc and blows the roof off the building. Meanwhile Amnon has been dancing with an Orc Warrior dodging sword swings and retaliating with quick spells. Just as Dayereth is finishing off the Longbow Orc, Crobin strikes the killing blow to the Orc Rider, and kicks his body into the river as well. Amnon feels bolstered by the Orc Raiders death. Rangrim’s smirk at taking part in another battle where his foe has fallen is cut short as another Orc Warrior strikes him with a deadly blow knocking Rangrim down to one knee. The strike would have killed any normal creature, but SMITE has a strength I have never seen before. Zakiya heals Rangrim and Crobin. Rangrim grits his teeth, tightens his grip on his hammer and as a wave of energy passes over him, he strikes his enemy down to the ground. Rangrim and Crobin make short work of the remaining Orc Warrior.

As Rangrim and Crobin strike the killing blows to the Orc Zakiya takes a quick look across the battlefield and sees legions of Orcs cresting the hill and heading towards the bridge. Amnon and Dayereth are trying to catch their breath both of them checking each others wounds from the longbow archer. As young Dayereth‘s eyes pass over Amnon’s shoulder, one quiet word falls out of his lips, “No” as if all the life that was in him had just left him. Amnon turns, just as Rangrim looks up from the bludgeoned Orcs body to see Zakiya running, with the speed and agility that only an Elf posseses, directly across the Five-Arch Bridge dogging fallen Orcs and sentries. As quickly as she had crossed the bridge she dives behind an overturned cart where the fuse was supposed to be. Rangrim‘s body has caught up to what he had already figured out and as if on impulse he runs for the bridge knowing the danger. Crobin grabs him and hauls him back with all his might, yelling "You want to die to, she’s gonna blow it!" Amnon turns towards Rangrim as Crobin is yelling at him, as the words sink in, his legs take over as well ignoring the imminent danger. Amnon takes only one step and feels a hand on his arm holding him back. Amnon turns to see what could be holding him back and only sees the top of Dayereth‘s head. Dayereth cannot look into his eyes but quietly says, “She did it for us.” Amnon looks down at Dayereth’s hand preparing to remove it with force if necessary, when it happened.

The explosion took out all the pylons and obliterated the bridge. The dust and debris fell for nearly a minute after. The black smoke hung in the air making it impossible to distinguish Orc, from human or Elf on the other side of the bridge. The sounds of a war slowly came back into focus as the ringing slowly subsided. The remaining heroes of SMITE stand there in shock as the look over the battlefield for any sign of her.

Zakiya was gone, her fate unknown.

SMITE hears a desperate call to brace the Knight’s Gate. Crobin is the first to respond, “To the knight’s gate!” Dayereth runs up after Crobin, as Amnon runs up to Rangrim. and says, “We can’t just leave her, she might still be al…” Rangrim cuts him off with a gruff response, “We must.” then Rangrim allows his shoulders to drop and with a softer tone finishes “for now.”

As SMITE makes it back to the Knight’s Gate they see a group of Orcs moving a battering ram towards the gate. After some quick discussion the group decides to drop the outermost gate just as the battering ram passes underneath it. The plan couldn’t have gone better, the ram is pinned to the ground and its operators are unable to free it from the heavy gate. This makes them easy targets for SMITE from atop the wall. Even Rangrim joined in setting his hammer down and picking up a crossbow. After several of the orcs running the ram have fallen, one of the few that still stood calls for reinforcements. Orc longbow archers move onto the battlefield now within range of the wall, and unleash a volley of arrows onto SMITE. Rangrim is struck with one of the arrows, Amnon offers his healing potion to which he only scoffs as he heals himself for more then the potion could have revitalized him for. Dayereth steps out into the open and unleashes a mighty spell which bloodies all the archers. Amnon, Crobin, and Dayereth take turns stepping out into the open to finish off the archers but are having trouble timing their attacks between the rain of arrows. Amnon finally completes a spell just in time then dives back behind the safety of the wall. Crobin looks over at Rangrim and says “Enough of this!” and with that Crobin stands up takes aim with a firm determination to take out of the the remaining archers. His concentration overtakes the sounds of the battle raging on around him as he focuses in on his target. Finally he lets go, and the sling bullet kills the archer with such a precision hit it was as if Crobin had only been few feet away. Rangrim using Crobin’s distraction drops down off the wall quickly and charges the last archer making quick work of him. With the threat from the archers gone Amnon and Dayereth step out from behind cover and turn their attention to the remaining Orc raiders. The Orc raiders quickly realize their cover from the archers is gone, and retreat. Seizing the opportunity of a lull in the waves of the battle SMITE pulls the ram into the city to prevent any further attempts at breaking the gate.

W. Fletcher



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