Return to Kobold Hall

It only a month ago that the party returned to Fallcrest after slaying the white dragon that secretly inhabited Kobold Hall. News of the great adventure spread quickly through the town, and the members of SMITE are often recognized on the street. Having spent every evening since returning retelling their story for various townfolk and traders who pass through, the adventurers find themselves weary of retelling the tale of a single great deed, and grow restless for the next adventure.

Shortslice, the dwarven ranger that helped slay the dragon could take the inactivity no longer. He offered his services to a trade caravan headed for Hammerfast, a prosperous dwarven town to the east. Along his journey, Shortslice’s caravan stopped at the Fiveleague House, a strongly built inn that caters to travelers and merchants along the Trade Road, leading into Hammerfast. While at Fiveleague House Shortslice was cajoled into sharing the tale of Kobold Hall with a new audience. In the crowd of travelers and merchants, a lone Eladrin, staying at the inn on his way west, listened intently to the dwarf as he recounted the adventure of Kobold Hall. Recognizing that this dwarf on the road meant the intrepid band of adventurers would be down a member, Dayereth, a young adventurer in his own right, saw his opportunity and left the inn the following morning, moving fast toward Fallcrest.

It was no easy task for Dayereth to convince the group to take him in. Eladrin are not often seen around Fallcrest and the auspicious timing of his arrival only added to the doubt in the minds of the others. Dayereth explained that his family, long ago before the Bloodspear War, had owned an estate a few miles from town. He had come to Fallcrest in search of the title to and location of that estate, looking to reclaim what his family had lost a century ago. After a several days, the Eladrin wore them down and had a place in the group, assuming he could pull his weight in battle.

While sitting around their regular table at the Silver Unicorn Inn, Tobolar Quickfoot, Nimozaran’s apprentice, arrives, besieging the group for help, as Nimozaran has been missing for days. After some investigative work throughout Fallcrest, SMITE comes to the conclusion that Nimozaran, curious about the white dragon, returned to Kobold Hall alone. It also sounds as if the Kobold force you met the last time was just a skeleton crew, left behind to guard the base. The main force had left to raid a small settlement outside Winterhaven. If the Kobold’s returned while Nimozaran was in their lair, he could be trapped or worse: captured.

After battling through a larger, more determined Kobold force, you find Nimozaran a prisoner in the dragon’s chamber. Nimozaran sees your group enter the chamber, while the Kobolds hold focus on the wizard, whome they believe single-handedly destroyed their dragon master. On Nimozaran’s cue, you launch an attack, drawing the attention of the Kobold force. Using an old cantrip, Nimozaran releases himself from his bindings and sets at the Kobolds with magical attacks he has not had to call upon in many years. Caught between the two powerful forces, the Kobolds are destroyed.

Nimozaran is saved and Kobold Hall lies empty



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