Tiefling warlock, cloaked in darkness



As all creatures know Tieflings are descended from nobles. However just as there are different levels of commoners from the respected merchant to the beggars, there are different levels of nobility, and the Vapaaherra family is from the lowest level of nobility there was.

Amnon had always showed a lot of natural magical ability as a young Tiefling, but his father never encouraged him to study or train. This was due to the fact his father was a warrior and had no magical power at all. Truth be told it frightened him, however he would never admit to it. If asked about magic, his response would be “It is for the weak that can’t fight their own battles.” In spite of his fathers disapproval Amnon practiced his magic as a youngling, even though he had no teacher, and only one magical spellbook to study. Thus far his only spell he could perform with any consistency was to light a small campfire, and even still that took all his concentration. When he was able to perform this small display of magic he would conjure fire that shot out from his fingertips, and he noticed that the more anger he allowed build up in him the more fierce the fire he produced would become.

The day of the Red Wizard was a day like any other. Amnon was trying to avoid his fathers warrior training or housework his mother was asking him to do, so he was off practicing his magic in the nearby woods. As he concentrated and let his anger build he finally produced some fire, but this time it poured out of his fingers like lava, setting fire to the dry leaves all around him. Unbeknownst to Amnon a small family of human travelers had seen him and decided to go back down the path from which they had come. The sight of the Tiefling was nearly enough to turn them around, but when they saw him produce liquid fire, the father forced the family to turn around. They could find another way to Fallcrest.

The traveling family made it back to the main road a the same time the Red Wizard was coming over the hill to the Vapaaherra estate with several legions of minions. The Red Wizard made no noise and said no words as the family pleaded for safe passage he, merely nodded to the one of the captains who sent a squad out. The squad killed the travelers, as a farmer would slaughter livestock. No remorse, no compassion, simply slain and the bodies looted for a mere 2 silver, and 4 copper.

Upon hearing the slaughter Amnon’s father came running out of the barn with training axe and shield sill in his hands. It only took him a moment to realize what was going on and lust for battle and his rage overtook him. He ran into the first squad of 5 minions dispatching them all before the last one had a chance to draw his sword. As he turned to the Red Wizard and took a defensive stance he said “Leave my land, and no more will die!”

The Red Wizard makes his way to the front line of minions, as he does, Amnon’s mother runs out the front door having hear the small battle that has started. The Red Wizard’s eyes twitch to her for just a moment then go back to Amnon’s father. The Red Wizard raised his arms, holding a staff in his right hand. Amnon’s father assumed he was going to surrender, apologize or even threaten him in return, this was not the case. After a long moment the Red Wizard opened his mouth to speak and a fraction of a second later Amnon’s father realized it was not a surrender, rather he was casting a spell. He leaped forward with the Red Wizard only a few feet away he figured he could make it to him before he finished. He was wrong. There is no accurate way to describe what happened next. A huge wave of this pungent reddish-green liquid sprang up from the ground starting at the wizards feet and moved forward engulfing Amnon’s father and moments later killing his mother and eroding a large portion of his house such that all that was left was a couple of courses of stone on the southernmost wall. All manner of living things the wall passed through died, no plants, animals, no anything survived, it even scorched the ground.

Amnon had run to the edge of the forest when he heard the battle between the minions and the travelers, and it was there that he witnessed the exchange between his father and the minions and finally the Red Wizard killing both of his parents. Amnon stood perfectly still for a few moments until the reality of what had happened sunk in and as his anger built up inside him he conjured another spell, one that came from the darkest reaches of his mind, one he had read, but never performed. Amnon produced rivulets of clinging liquid fire that shot out from him and cascaded over the squadrons of minions between him and Red Wizard. Those that died instantly were the lucky ones, others had their flesh melted off of them, taking them only seconds longer to meet the same fate. As the fire wave made its way to the Red Wizard he turned only slightly, and with little concern he threw up a single hand and a shield of arcane energy formed, as the flames smash into the shield they dissipate.

Amnon falls to his knees totally drained from the spell he just conjured, barely holding onto consciousness he hears the Red Wizard say “Some day youngling, you may be a worthy mage.” With that Amnon passes out. The nearest squad of minions move to dispatch him when the Red Wizard says “Hold!” The entire group stops, and looks with at the wizard in confusion. The Red Wizard doesn’t feel the need to explain himself instead he looks to the one remaining captain and says “We’re done here.”

Amnon awakens in a room, while familiar it is not his own. He wonders for a moment if it had all been a dream, when a deep voice breaks the silence, and says “Finally.” His uncle Lord Friherre walks into view. Which brings Amnon to the realization that his parents were in fact gone, and he was alone. Amnon’s uncle Friherre took him in after finding out what had happened, and he also was the one who taught Amnon about magic. The one thing his uncle never provided him with was a sense of family or belonging. His lessons were academic, and other then instructions his uncle almost never spoke. Even when Amnon had mastered a new spell there was no praise only minor corrections to what he had done, or the beginning of a new lesson. Lord Friherre had never married and had no servants, and lived in a large estate just outside of town, so Amnon got used to being alone. The only time he ever saw other people was on the rare occasion they went into town. Since they were Tieflings and it was a human town there was little conversation.

When Amnon believed he had learned all he could from his uncle he set out on his own to find and kill the Red Wizard. However it had been years and he had never heard any news from anyone in the city. Amnon wondered from town to town eventually making his way to Fallcrest where he met Rangrim Ragehammer. That story is best told by Rangrim.

Amnon would never say he needs another creature for anything, a lesson he learned from his uncle. Even though SMITE is made up of a small group of very different creatures Amnon thinks of them as the family he never had.

~ This is the story of Amnon the Tiefling ~


S.M.I.T.E. Codin