Armos Kamroth

Miserly inhabitant of Fallcrest, secret devotee of Tiamat and betrayer of the party


Cleric devoted to Tiamat.


“A self-styled “lord”, Armos Kamroth is a wealth landowner who collects rents from scores of farmers and herders living in the countryside nearby. Armos is a brusque, balding man of about fifty who makes a show of loaning money in good faith and exacting only what the law allows-but somehow he has quietly bough up dozens of free farms over the years and turned their owners into his tenants.
Armos is a miser of the worst kind and is secretly a devotee of Tiamat."
-Dungeon Master’s Guide

After leading the group of SMITE into Moon Hills in search of Dayereth’s family estate, he turned on the party, along with his henchmen and attacked to party, looking to take the estate for himself. After a pitched battle, SMITE emerged victorious. Tying Armos to a tree, the party discovered his secret, a symbol of Tiamat, hung around his neck.

When last they saw him, Armos was still tied to a tree, in the midst of the Moon Hills.

Armos Kamroth

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