Crobin Wood

Halfling rogue, acquires from the rich, donates to the poor


Level 3 Halfling Rogue


Crobin started life the way most creatures do: wrapped in a sack and delivered by a giant winged creature to his parent’s tent. His father was the closest thing the nomadic tribes of Halflings have to nobility and was in charge of the hunting parties that were sent out each time their tribe found a new location to call home.

At a young age Crobin began joining his father’s hunting parties, learning the ways of the forest, the ways of the beasts that lived there, and how to move among them undetected. He grew to love the smell of the woods, the close comfort of nature, and the camaraderie of the hunting parties.

As the years progressed and drew Crobin into adulthood the easy rhythm of the tribe began to lose its appeal. While he still enjoyed the hunt he yearned for the feeling of excitement and danger that he had felt as a boy. He needed to set out on his own.

In the Spring of his 27th year Crobin left the tribe and struck out on his own. Following the dwarven Trade Road he headed east towards the Moon Hills. As he approached the town of Fallcrest he was beset upon by a band of merry men, demanding tribute for the use of the road….

to be continued!

Crobin Wood

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