Rangrim Ragehammer

Dwarf paladin tank, emerged from the darkness to the light of Melora


Level 3 Dwarf Paladin

HP 44 AC 22
STR 18 Fort 17
CON 12
DEX 10 Ref 15
INT 10
WIS 16 Will 16
CHA 12

Having spent his youth in the mines of the Dawnforge Mountains, Rangrim learned to be as hard as the stone he mined. But the alure of nature, of trees and streams and open sky always kept him apart from his Dwarven brethren.

Eventually the stone grip of the mountain could hold him no longer. Rangrim left the Dawnforge mountains and traveled alone through woods, dedicating himself to Melora. From this dedication Melora saw fit to bestow upon Rangrim the healing powers of nature, to make him a guardian of life, she made him a Paladin.

Leaving the forest behind, Rangrim made his way into the open air world of men and the other goodly races, protecting life and nature.

Rangrim Ragehammer

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