Elven cleric, great healer and medic


At a young age Zakiya was lured into the dark arts by a cult of Lolth worshippers. Led away from the beauty and purity of her fey origins her family disowned her. While headed down this dark road Corellon sends an angel to intercede. The angel advises her to “Depart from your dark ways, Corellon has greater plans for you. Head to Fallcrest and learn the medical arts. Apprentice yourself to Primum Nonnocere, you will find him at the temple of Corellon in Fallcrest.”

For many years Zakiya studies the healing powers that can be channelled through Corellon. In her spare time she entertains patrons at the local Inn by playing a lute, cultivating beautiful music that is inspired by Corellon. It is while playing at the Silver Unicorn Inn that Rangrim Ragehammer hears her playing a song he recognizes from his childhood, so long ago in the Dawnforge Mountains. As unlikely as friendships between dwarves and elves may be, one began that day.

Learning of her Corellon gifted healing abilities, Rangrim knows that she is perfect for the band of adventurers that he is assembling. And so begins Zakiya’s membership in SMITE, as Corellon set in motion many years ago.


S.M.I.T.E. Zakiya