Sergeant Nerath paces atop the northern wall surrounding Fallcrest, “They should have returned by now.” he mutters to himself.

“Runner incoming!” shouts a guard watching the gate.

“Get him inside, NOW!” Nerath orders as he descends the stairs off the wall. The runner is a newly enlisted soldier with quick feet and sharp eyes Nerath had sent out an hour ago to return with new of the adventurers. “What news?” Nerath asks as he approaches. The runner collapses inside the gate, a massive arrow through his chest and another through his arm.

“All dead sir. To a man.” The runner gasps out as he struggles to maintain consciousness.

“No…” the word falls out of Nerath’s mouth.

“Trebuchet, sir. They have a trebuchet.” The soldier’s voice trails off as his eyes shut and his breathing slows.

“Sir, we have movement on the road.” The top of the wall beckons out to Nerath as he watches the life drain out of a boy who has seen too few winters.

His duty compels him back to the top of the wall as the dawn breaks in the east. The scattering sunlight reveals the Orcs on the march down the road. Thousands upon thousands, the land runs dark. An ominous shadow moving inexorably toward the northern gate. In it’s midst a trebuchet and carts loaded with ammunition. Knowing it to be his last dawn, Nerath soaks in the sunlight and glances back at the city.

“Send word to Markelhay. We are overrun. Send the women and children out of the southern gate if it be clear.”

“We’re surrounded Sergeant. They watch the gates and the river crossings. They mean for their to be no escape.”

A massive Orc, a full head taller than the others steps through the shattered northern gate and into Fallcrest, battle axe slung across his back.

“All resistance has been neutralized save the Wizard’s tower, Kyrosh”, we will leave him for you, the underling snarls a pointed grin and leads the large Orc off.

“What of the Inn?” Kyrosh demands as they pass by the Silver Unicorn Inn.

“We have found nothing sir.” Wisara is being restrained by an orc, she had clearly been “questioned” thoroughly.

“Burn it to the ground.” Kyrosh says in passing as he continues to the tower.

A ring of Orcs in full battle gear surround the Septarch Tower, though from a distance. The burnt bodies of Orcs lay strewn around the tower within the Orc perimeter.

Kyrosh strides through the ring, halfway to the door a fireball bursts around him send from above. The fire cascades off of the Orc has he makes it to the door without breaking stride. Reaching the door he pulls free his battle axe and reduces the door to splinters. Ascending the stairs he arrives at the top of the tower to face a weary Nimozaran.

“Bring me the egg.” Kyrosh commands.

In response Nimozaran unleashes another fireball so intense that the heat singes his own hair. Kyrosh is again unmoved by heat and destruction as it washes over him.

“As you wish.” Kyrosh regrips his axe and strides toward the elderly wizard.

Kyrosh emerges from the tower, sweaty but unharmed. “Search it, bring me the egg.” The soldiers file in breaking down doors as they move through the tower.

A bald man in a black cape stands outside, waiting. “Well, where is it?!” his impatience boiling over.

“A moment if you will, Kamroth.” Kyrosh stands imposingly next to the man. A short while later an orc runs out with a leathery looking white egg wrapped in a cloth.

“It is very cold still sir.”

“Most excellent,” Kamroth steps in front of Kyrosh to receive the egg. “You have done well. I have what I need.” He lets out a ghastly sound, to which a similar call is returned. A black dragon descends to the ground next to Armos Kamroth. Climbing atop the beast, he turns to leave. “I will be in the keep if needed. See to my new work force, Kyrosh.” Armos sweeps his arm to indicate the city at large. “Tiamat has much work she needs done.”

Orc Siege Pt 3.1
"The fuse is where?" ~ Crobin

I am no runner, so by the time I get to the bridge, SMITE has already been able to assess the situation, and was talking to a soldier on the East side of the Five-Arch Bridge. I am sure I have missed most of the conversation, but I do arrive in time to hear Crobin exclaim “The fuse is where?” After which he said several words in a language I am not familiar with. It appears the soldier left holding the fuse decided it would be best to keep it in the building on West Side of the Five-Arch Bridge. Too many Orcs between here and there to deal with that now. There are a couple of Orcs on the bridge, as well as another Orc riding a massive Dire Wolf. As I try to get a better look at the battlefield I see a large arrow fly from the building on the other side of the river, knock a soldier back and nearly staking him to the ground.

SMITE turns to face the charging Orcs, Crobin and Rangrim taking point. The Orc rider on the Dire Wolf locks eyes with Rangrim only for a moment and charges. After trading several blows, Rangrim calls upon Melora for strength, and hits the Dire Wolf with such force he knocks the rider off, and send them both skidding to the side of the river. Both rider and Wolf barely manage to keep from falling in. Dayereth and the Longbow Orc keep trading hits, but clearly the battle is taking a toll on both of them. Amnon and Crobin have been concentrating on killing the Dire Wolf while Rangrim wages a vicious battle with its rider. A couple of Orc Warriors notice that Crobin‘s attention is elsewhere and decide to take advantage of the opportunity and close in on him. Zakiya conjures heals for Crobin and Dayereth. Amnon notices the look of fear in Dayereh’s eyes and steps in front of him, but hopes he will not have to catch any arrows from the Longbow Orc. Rangrim and Crobin concentrate on killing the Dire Wolf, and Crobin strikes the killing blow, screaming in rage as he heaves the massive wolf carcass into the fast moving river. Dayereth catches sight of Crobin‘s victory over the wolf, closes his eyes and concentrates, channeling his power into another spell. He unleashes a mighty spell, that a moment later, disintegrates the Longbow Orc and blows the roof off the building. Meanwhile Amnon has been dancing with an Orc Warrior dodging sword swings and retaliating with quick spells. Just as Dayereth is finishing off the Longbow Orc, Crobin strikes the killing blow to the Orc Rider, and kicks his body into the river as well. Amnon feels bolstered by the Orc Raiders death. Rangrim’s smirk at taking part in another battle where his foe has fallen is cut short as another Orc Warrior strikes him with a deadly blow knocking Rangrim down to one knee. The strike would have killed any normal creature, but SMITE has a strength I have never seen before. Zakiya heals Rangrim and Crobin. Rangrim grits his teeth, tightens his grip on his hammer and as a wave of energy passes over him, he strikes his enemy down to the ground. Rangrim and Crobin make short work of the remaining Orc Warrior.

As Rangrim and Crobin strike the killing blows to the Orc Zakiya takes a quick look across the battlefield and sees legions of Orcs cresting the hill and heading towards the bridge. Amnon and Dayereth are trying to catch their breath both of them checking each others wounds from the longbow archer. As young Dayereth‘s eyes pass over Amnon’s shoulder, one quiet word falls out of his lips, “No” as if all the life that was in him had just left him. Amnon turns, just as Rangrim looks up from the bludgeoned Orcs body to see Zakiya running, with the speed and agility that only an Elf posseses, directly across the Five-Arch Bridge dogging fallen Orcs and sentries. As quickly as she had crossed the bridge she dives behind an overturned cart where the fuse was supposed to be. Rangrim‘s body has caught up to what he had already figured out and as if on impulse he runs for the bridge knowing the danger. Crobin grabs him and hauls him back with all his might, yelling "You want to die to, she’s gonna blow it!" Amnon turns towards Rangrim as Crobin is yelling at him, as the words sink in, his legs take over as well ignoring the imminent danger. Amnon takes only one step and feels a hand on his arm holding him back. Amnon turns to see what could be holding him back and only sees the top of Dayereth‘s head. Dayereth cannot look into his eyes but quietly says, “She did it for us.” Amnon looks down at Dayereth’s hand preparing to remove it with force if necessary, when it happened.

The explosion took out all the pylons and obliterated the bridge. The dust and debris fell for nearly a minute after. The black smoke hung in the air making it impossible to distinguish Orc, from human or Elf on the other side of the bridge. The sounds of a war slowly came back into focus as the ringing slowly subsided. The remaining heroes of SMITE stand there in shock as the look over the battlefield for any sign of her.

Zakiya was gone, her fate unknown.

SMITE hears a desperate call to brace the Knight’s Gate. Crobin is the first to respond, “To the knight’s gate!” Dayereth runs up after Crobin, as Amnon runs up to Rangrim. and says, “We can’t just leave her, she might still be al…” Rangrim cuts him off with a gruff response, “We must.” then Rangrim allows his shoulders to drop and with a softer tone finishes “for now.”

As SMITE makes it back to the Knight’s Gate they see a group of Orcs moving a battering ram towards the gate. After some quick discussion the group decides to drop the outermost gate just as the battering ram passes underneath it. The plan couldn’t have gone better, the ram is pinned to the ground and its operators are unable to free it from the heavy gate. This makes them easy targets for SMITE from atop the wall. Even Rangrim joined in setting his hammer down and picking up a crossbow. After several of the orcs running the ram have fallen, one of the few that still stood calls for reinforcements. Orc longbow archers move onto the battlefield now within range of the wall, and unleash a volley of arrows onto SMITE. Rangrim is struck with one of the arrows, Amnon offers his healing potion to which he only scoffs as he heals himself for more then the potion could have revitalized him for. Dayereth steps out into the open and unleashes a mighty spell which bloodies all the archers. Amnon, Crobin, and Dayereth take turns stepping out into the open to finish off the archers but are having trouble timing their attacks between the rain of arrows. Amnon finally completes a spell just in time then dives back behind the safety of the wall. Crobin looks over at Rangrim and says “Enough of this!” and with that Crobin stands up takes aim with a firm determination to take out of the the remaining archers. His concentration overtakes the sounds of the battle raging on around him as he focuses in on his target. Finally he lets go, and the sling bullet kills the archer with such a precision hit it was as if Crobin had only been few feet away. Rangrim using Crobin’s distraction drops down off the wall quickly and charges the last archer making quick work of him. With the threat from the archers gone Amnon and Dayereth step out from behind cover and turn their attention to the remaining Orc raiders. The Orc raiders quickly realize their cover from the archers is gone, and retreat. Seizing the opportunity of a lull in the waves of the battle SMITE pulls the ram into the city to prevent any further attempts at breaking the gate.

W. Fletcher

Orc Siege Pt 2
"Where's the real challenge?" ~ Rangrim

As SMITE waits for the impending battle to begin, Rangrim, Crobin and Zakiya take post down on the ground right in front of the Knight’s Gate. Amnon and Dayereth have taken post on top of the wall. In the painful silence before the battle, just as the last drops of sun fall behind the mountains, SMITE hears something in the distance. Four villagers running as fast as they can come into view. Zakiya and Rangrim exchange glances, as Crobin stares into the darkness, and notices the reason they are running. “Drakes!” Crobin calls out, Zakiya runs into battle hoping to deter the drakes from the villagers. Crobin and Rangrim follow her into battle but before they can get there she successfully distracts one of the drakes at the cost of her own skin. Crobin, enraged as seeing his friend attacked, unleashes a massively damaging attack on the drake. Rangrim also angered by seeing his friend injured runs up to the drake and sets a divine challenge upon it. Amnon casts a spell from atop the wall at the drake hitting and severely injuring it. Out of the darkness three Orc warriors rush into the fight. Dayereth concentrating his spell on the bloodied drake takes it down, giving Zakiya time to slide back from the fight and heal herself. The villagers exhausted and believing they have escaped the danger make their way to the gate. Amnon unleashes another spell on the remaining drake, as the Orcs close in on Rangrim. Crobin sneaks up behind one foe, but Amnon takes the Orc out before Crobin can land a single blow. Crobin casts a quick glance at Amnon’s only to see his eyes aglow with a dark red flame as he summons arcane magic from the depths of his flesh. Dayereth conjures a Shock Sphere and takes out several Orcs with one blow. Zakiya taking advantage of the confusion, slips back and heals a civilian, and strikes the killing blow to another Orc without breaking her stride. Crobin noticing that the battle is almost theirs and not wanting to be outdone by an elf, dashes for the gate, jumps into the air and kills the final Orc with nothing but his sling. Crobin somersaults into his landing and rolls until he is back on his feet well inside the gate. After Rangrim and Zakiya exchange confused looks, they help the civilians in the gate. Crobin realizing he had left the civilians in the dust, stammers to say, “I was just…um…going to make sure the gate stayed open for you.” As Zakiya passes she looks down to her halfing friend and says “Thanks.” Crobin winces as if she stuck him with a dagger. Rangrim hands off the civilian to a nearby person, and leans on his hammer, grins and says “Where’s the real challenge?” As if the gods themselves were listening a runner comes up to Nayereth and tells him, between gasps for air, that the Five-Arch Bridge is being overrun by more Orcs. Rangrim picks up his hammer and sets out on a dead run, his plate mail clanking away. The rest of SMITE make their way to the bridge as fast as they can.

W. Fletcher

Orc Siege Pt 1
Sometimes Avandra isn't listening.

After having vanquished the goblins inhabiting Dayereth’s Estate and learning of the plans to attack Fallcrest, SMITE hurries off to tell Lord Markelhay.

Eventually our group of heros get an audience with Lord Markelhay. As the group tries to convince Markelhay that Fallcrest is in danger, SMITE learns that he can only gather 40-50 soldiers to defend Fallcrest. Crobin scoffs and says under his breath, “40 – 50 we are so screw…” Crobin stops his statement short as daggers shoot out of Zakiya’s eyes in his direction. Crobin pleads with the Lord to gather more men, but Markelhay explains that most of the people in Fallcrest are not soldiers. Markelhay asks when this attack is supposed to happen. Dayereth excitedly says “Tomorrow! You have to prepare!”. Lord Markelhay states that they can close all the gates, and groups will be assigned to each one. He asks SMITE to help defend the Knights gate which he will keep open as long as he can to allow any villagers or travelers on the outside to get into safety before the attack. The group of heros agree to help and with that Lord Markelhay excuses himself to prepare.

As SMITE leaves the great hall, feeling as though they have not done enough to prepare for the impending attack, a halfing named Gobias Lightfoot pulls them aside. He says “More ears than you know heard what was said.” Rangrim says “What? Who and just tell us where!” Gobias Lightfootpoints in the general direction of an exit, as the group turns to look they see a cloaked figure running from the building. Crobin laughs and says “The chase is on!” SMITE runs after the cloaked figure. However their foe has head start, so the group must catch up.

They run to the exit, after going out the archway there is a small wall leading down to the streets below. Crobin never breaks his stride as he deftly jumps grabbing onto the wall and flips twice before landing perfectly on his feet in the street below. Amnon and Rangrim stop at the wall, Rangrim‘s dwarf legs struggling to keep up. Amnon looks at Rangrim and points to himself and the wall as if to ask, ’should I try that’. Rangrim smiles a broad smile and points back over his shoulder to the stairs that lead down to a door that leads down more stairs to the street. Amnon runs past Rangrim, and jumps down a few stairs to the landing where the door is opens it and goes to run out the door, but trips over the threshold, falling down the remaining few steps into the street. Rangrim is laughing as Dayereth dashes past him, knowing the streets of Fallcrest well Dayereth runs off after the cloaked figure. Rangrim eventually stops laughing and watches the cloaked figure as he gets further away, but is able to determine which way he is going. He takes off on a full run, well as fast as a dwarf can run. As Rangrim runs past Amnon he throws a small heal spell to him to revitalize him. Zakiya comes down the steps skipping them two at a time, and helps Amnon up and asks if he is ok. Amnon gets up and says “I’m fine” with as much pride as he can muster and they run off after the cloaked figure. Crobin moves ahead quickly using the crowd as cover as he closes the gap on his target. Amnon and Zakiya duck down a back alley hoping to cut off the cloaked figure. Dayereth looses sight of the cloaked figure for a moment, closes his eyes and prays to Avandra. He opens his eyes expecting to be looking right at his target but sees nothing but a sea of people. He quietly curses to himself, just as Rangrim runs up and says “This way Elf!”. Dayereth scoffs and says “Eladrin!”, Rangrim shrugs and says “eh whatever”.

Just then the heros of SMITE come together they are looking down a long alley with no outlet. They all stop as they notice the end of the alley is very dark. Amnon looks up at the sun and its position in the sky and casts a cautious eye back at the blackness. Crobin looks over to Amnon who nods slightly and Crobin grabs a sunrod from his pack lights it and puts it in his sling and throws it into the darkness. As the sunrod enters the darkness, you can see it the moment before it passes through the black wall, and the next moment it is gone as if it had been immediately snuffed out. Rangrim grumbles “Magic” as he grips his hammer and shield tighter. Dayereth steps forward and concentrates channeling the magic from within, but cannot dispel the darkness. He does tell Amnon that they can take the darkness down, it just requires more clarity of thought. Amnon steps forward not wanting to be outdone by an Eladrin, concentrating and mumbling some ancient chant but in the end there is no change in the darkness. From out of the darkness an arrow flies past Rangrim, who just grits his teeth staring into the darkness, listening and looking for something to hit. Rangrim‘s patience pays off and he makes out the shape of something moving in the darkness and charges in and bashes the cloaked figure with this hammer setting him on fire. Fearing there are more foes hidden in the darkness Dayereth steps up again concentrating channeling the magic from within, and successfully dispels the darkness that was encompassing the alley. As the darkness clears Crobin and Amnon unleash attacks on their foe. They are close enough now to see the creature is a half-orc, who is becoming enraged, and decides to take out his anger on the closest target. Rangrim takes the full force of his blow, knocking him to the ground and rendering him unconscious. Amnon and Dayereth continue to attack from range. Crobin moves in to distract his foe from Rangrim. Zakiya moves in to help Rangrim, but before she can get close enough, Rangrim wakes up. Rangrim stands and in his rage from begin knocked down swings wildly at the Orc missing him, but in the Orcs haste to get out of the way Crobin is able to step in with a deadly attack, and with another spell from Amnon make short work of the Orc, knocking him down to the ground. Rangrim is still enraged and begins to kick the Orc, he drops his hammer and shield and begins to beat the Orc with his bare fists. Amnon and Crobin run up and pull Rangrim off the Orc. Dayereth yells “Hold! He may have information!” In the confusion the cloaked figure reaches into his pack and pulls out a small vile and attempts to drink it. Crobin swiftly grabs it and pulls it away. After closer inspection he determines it to be a poison and says “I can put this to a better use” as he tucks it into this pack. The group throughly search their foe only to come up with a key with the initials N.I. 11. Just as SMITE was trying to decide how the were going to handle their foe, Zakiya purposing killing him so he cannot get away to warn the others. Gobias catches up out of breath from running. “Oh there you are, I was wondering where you got off to.” The group decides to hand over the Half-Orc to Gobias, warning that he is a formidable foe with magical powers. Gobias summons some guards to help take him to the prison. Meanwhile Dayereth has been studying the key, and mumbles to himself, "It can’t be that easy." Amnon looks over and says “What?” Dayereth points to the N.I.11 engraved on the key and says " Nentir Inn, room 11." Amnon shrugs, and Rangrim says “Only one way to find out.”

As the group makes their way to the Nentir Inn they decide to not bust into the Inn altogether so they trickle in one at a time. However once the group is inside and together the bartender looks up and recognizes them. “Hey, your SMITE! You guys totally crushed those Kobolds! A round on the house!” At this point the group realizes any attempt at stealth is gone, so they decide to take another approach. Rangrim never one to turn away a free stein of ale, makes his way to the bar, and begins to regale the patrons, that didn’t make a hasty exit, with a heroic tale. Dayereth steps forward making magical sparks fly from his fingertips. Amnon steps to the bar grabs his stein of ale, and doesn’t do anything to those staring in awe at his horns. Now Rangrim can weave a tale like no other creature I have ever met. Crobin uses this opportunity to sneak up to room 11. Crobin takes a long look at the door, but doesn’t see anything peculiar, so he uses the key to open the door. If only he had looked a bit harder. As he opens the door a trip wire goes off shooting a poison dart at him. Crobin‘s fast reflexes save him again, as he breathes a sigh of relief he notices a chest in the corner of the room. Determined to be more careful this time he takes his time to disarm the trap on the chest before opening it. Under a false bottom in the chest he finds detailed hand drawings of Nimozaran’s tower and the Silver Unicorn Inn. After searching the rest of the room, he grabs the contents of the chest and the drawings and make a hasty exit back down to the bar. Even though Crobin made quick work of searching the room Rangrim has had time to partake in several more steins of ale. Upon seeing Crobin, Rangrim loudly asks “Hey did you get into room 11” to which Crobin gives a confused look back to Rangrim and the onlooks, and whispers “shut-up.” After only “one more ale” the group retires to the Silver Unicorn Inn. After discussions of the unknown purpose of the drawings it is decided they will take watches in the night, but the night passes without incident.

The next morning the group makes its way to Nimozaran’s tower and warn him that he may be specifically targeted by the Orcs. Nimozaran takes the information in stride, not appearing concerned, but promises to study up on a few more defensive spells. As the group wanders through Fallcrest Crobin and Amnon discuss how they believe the bridge to be a point of weakness in Fallcrest‘s defenses. It especially concerns them, because if Orc start pouring over the Five Arch Bridge and they are making a stand at the Knight’s Gate, they may be boxed in. This realization pushes the group to act. Since there is no time for going through official channels they decide to set bombs on the bridge that they can light if it is getting overrun. After some convincing the soldiers at the bridge agree to let the group set the bombs, and then take on the responsibility of blowing the bridge if the need arises. Believing they have done all they can at the bridge SMITE makes its way to the Knight’s Gate. They meet with Seargent Nereth who is clearly the man in charge, and although he has the respect of the men he commands he clearly is not the hero the group was hoping to meet up with. SMITE makes their way to the top of the wall above the gate and looking out over the field, the only additional thing they decide to do is make two huge piles of brush to set on fire as the night draws closer. “We want to give your soldiers every chance we can” Rangrim says to Nereth. Crobin whispers to himself, “Especially after seeing them in action with the practice dummies.” SMITE and Nereth make their way down the stairs to the gate below. After gathering the brush for the piles and setting them on fire, Amnon and Dayereth make their way back to the top of the wall. As the field in front of them slowly drifts into the darkness the brush pile fires being the only light, Amnon sits down. Dayereth looks over to Amnon and back out of the field and says “Now what?!” Amnon replies without looking up, “We wait”

W. Fletcher

Dayereth's Estate, part 2

Approaching the building cautiously, the group sends their new-found halfling in through a second floor window. No sooner does Crobin disappear through the window then the rest of the group is caught noisily approaching the building. The door swings open and goblin crossbows fire. As the main group battles in through the front door, Crobin attacks from large hole in the ceiling. Once the group has advanced into the entrance, Crobin summersaults down from through the hole and onto the staircase above, taking on the goblin archers and preventing any escape to warn the rest of the building’s inhabitants.

SMITE finds themselves battling through a sea of goblins in the next room, led by a goblin hexer on stage. Two doors lead off from each side of the room. There can be little doubt now that everyone knows they are under attack. Through the left door, a dark, candle-lit laboratory with bookshelves lining the walls. There are chemicals and arcane components spread across the tables. As you walk about the room, and the floor is sticky from spilled concoctions, and the their is a rotting stench in the still air.

On the opposite side of the room is a large door leading into a separate chamber. Dayereth uses his mage hand to ease the door open, and a sun rod is thrown in, still from far off nothing can be seen. As Amnon gets too close, a huge zombie hobgoblin charges out into the room. Dispatching the zombie leaves the party on edge as they collect magical components spread across the tables.

Off the central chamber one door remains. Behind it lies a group of battle-hardened hobgoblins, prepared for the assault. As the main line holds fast, an archer harasses the group from behind. Once the group has moved well into the chamber, the air behind them shimmers, as if a mirage, revealing a hobgoblin warcaster. Using his immense skills he wreaks havoc among the ranged party members, while the melee continues battling the group of hobgoblins on the other side of the room.

At last, with the party running low on tricks and health, the estate is taken. Spread across the tables in this room are maps of Fallcrest. Alongside the maps is a note, it is a call to war against Fallcrest. A new leader has emerged among the Orcs, and using the Bloodspear War as a rallying call, he has roused the Orcs to war, looking to recover the glory they had after the last war when Fallcrest was overrun. The note also mentions “forces within Fallcrest” that have provided information on the towns defenses. No exact date is mentioned for the attack, but it does state that forces will gather by the rise of the new moon, two days from now.

If caught unprepared, it seems unlikely that Fallcrest will survive such an onslaught.

Dayereth's Estate
"She should have let you eat the berries."

After the rescue of Nimozaran from the Kobold Hall, and the elimination of the remaining Kobolds, the Old King’s road is safer than it has been in decades. Trade between Fallcrest and Winterhaven has grown and the town is becoming more prosperous. The townsfolk, especially the local merchants who now have an expanded market for their goods, are appreciative to SMITE and it is not uncommon for a chorus of cheers to break out when they enter any of the local inns and taverns. But as is the way with adventurers, the stories of Kobolds and a white dragon soon grow stale on their tongues.

While SMITE’s stories grow older, their rooms in the Silver Unicorn Inn grow ever smaller. The increased trade and travel through the town have meant Wisara’s Inn is ever busier and [:wisara-osterman | Wisara]] has begun shuffling them around to smaller rooms to accommodate wealthy merchants looking for accommodations. Merchants willing to pay much more than what Wisara has been charging the group. As SMITE’s stay in Fallcrest has continued with no end in sight, Wisara has hinted that perhaps they should look into long-term residence elsewhere.

On a rainy evening after Wisara had closed for the evening, Rangrim, Zakiya, Amnon and Dayereth are gathered around the fire, trying to keep the dampness at bay, sharing stories of old adventures before the group was met. Wisara hustles out from behind the bar to answer a knock at the door. She greets a halfling and asks him in, pointing him to the group by the fire.

A halfling rogue by the name of Crobin Wood is looking to join the party. And to sweeten the pot he brings with him the title to Dayereth’s family estate. An item he “acquired” during his wealth redistribution around Fallcrest. With title in hand, all they need is a location, for which they eventually find themselves at the door of Armos Kamroth, a wealthy land owner who resides on a large estate within Fallcrest’s walls. As the owner of much of the land south of Fallcrest in and around the Moon Hills region, the group convinces Armos to lead an expedition to where he believe the estate to be.

But Armos is not what he seems. After leading the group about through the dense woods around Moon Hills, Armos, along with his lackey, three guards and their two wolves attack you, looking to take the title to the estate for himself. After a long, pitched battle, SMITE wins out the day, tying Armos to a tree to get information from him. Under his cloak and jacket you find a symbol of Tiamat hanging around his neck, the goddess of greed. Revealing nothing more than his selfish greed wanting to steal the title to Dayereth’s estate and leave your group for dead in the forest, SMITE leaves him tied to a tree, taking his map of the region and heading out on their own.

Navigating their way through the woods, the adventurers stumble onto a goblin camp, complete with goblins and a large bugbear. From which they follow a path back to an old estate, Approaching the building you find large stone post that once probably held a gate that surrounded the house. There is weather-worn name plate bearing the name of Dayereth’s family.

With goblins camping outside, what might reside within?

Return to Kobold Hall

It only a month ago that the party returned to Fallcrest after slaying the white dragon that secretly inhabited Kobold Hall. News of the great adventure spread quickly through the town, and the members of SMITE are often recognized on the street. Having spent every evening since returning retelling their story for various townfolk and traders who pass through, the adventurers find themselves weary of retelling the tale of a single great deed, and grow restless for the next adventure.

Shortslice, the dwarven ranger that helped slay the dragon could take the inactivity no longer. He offered his services to a trade caravan headed for Hammerfast, a prosperous dwarven town to the east. Along his journey, Shortslice’s caravan stopped at the Fiveleague House, a strongly built inn that caters to travelers and merchants along the Trade Road, leading into Hammerfast. While at Fiveleague House Shortslice was cajoled into sharing the tale of Kobold Hall with a new audience. In the crowd of travelers and merchants, a lone Eladrin, staying at the inn on his way west, listened intently to the dwarf as he recounted the adventure of Kobold Hall. Recognizing that this dwarf on the road meant the intrepid band of adventurers would be down a member, Dayereth, a young adventurer in his own right, saw his opportunity and left the inn the following morning, moving fast toward Fallcrest.

It was no easy task for Dayereth to convince the group to take him in. Eladrin are not often seen around Fallcrest and the auspicious timing of his arrival only added to the doubt in the minds of the others. Dayereth explained that his family, long ago before the Bloodspear War, had owned an estate a few miles from town. He had come to Fallcrest in search of the title to and location of that estate, looking to reclaim what his family had lost a century ago. After a several days, the Eladrin wore them down and had a place in the group, assuming he could pull his weight in battle.

While sitting around their regular table at the Silver Unicorn Inn, Tobolar Quickfoot, Nimozaran’s apprentice, arrives, besieging the group for help, as Nimozaran has been missing for days. After some investigative work throughout Fallcrest, SMITE comes to the conclusion that Nimozaran, curious about the white dragon, returned to Kobold Hall alone. It also sounds as if the Kobold force you met the last time was just a skeleton crew, left behind to guard the base. The main force had left to raid a small settlement outside Winterhaven. If the Kobold’s returned while Nimozaran was in their lair, he could be trapped or worse: captured.

After battling through a larger, more determined Kobold force, you find Nimozaran a prisoner in the dragon’s chamber. Nimozaran sees your group enter the chamber, while the Kobolds hold focus on the wizard, whome they believe single-handedly destroyed their dragon master. On Nimozaran’s cue, you launch an attack, drawing the attention of the Kobold force. Using an old cantrip, Nimozaran releases himself from his bindings and sets at the Kobolds with magical attacks he has not had to call upon in many years. Caught between the two powerful forces, the Kobolds are destroyed.

Nimozaran is saved and Kobold Hall lies empty

Kobold Hall

The original band of adventurers: Rangrim, Zakiya, Amnon, Szøk and Shortslice were met in Fallcrest, acquiring rooms at the Silver Unicorn Inn, run by Wisara Osterman. As word of their arrival spreads through the town, Lord Warden Faren Markelhay approaches the group with an offer.
“There is a growing Kobold threat on the old King’s Road, to the east of Fallcrest. In the edge of the Cloak Wood, stands the ruins of an old manor. No one now recalls it’s right name, but it is now known as Kobold Hall. These Kobold vermin have begun launching raids against trade caravans that pass by. Fallcrest needs trade if it is to thrive. Does this sound like a problem your band of adventurers can handle?”

Wisara directs you to contact Nimozaran, an eldery wizard that resides in Septarch Tower. Nimozaran fears that there is more than Kobolds residing in the the decrepit Kobold Hall. Glad to have someone who believes his concerns, Nimozaran equips the party with magic weapons that have been locked away in the tower for time unknown. He also provides use of his teleportation circle to speed the adventurers on their way.

Kobold Hall lives up to it’s name. The ruined manor whose rightful name is long forgotten is full of Kobolds. This is the outpost from which they launch raids against merchants traveling the nearby King’s road. As the group worked further into their lair, they discover a shrine to Tiamat, the evil god of wealth, greed, and envy; she is also the patron of chromatic dragons. Kobolds have always been worshippers of dragons, dwelling near them and offering them sacrifices and treasure. For the most part they are ignored by dragons, but sometimes a young dragon will use the Kobolds as a craftsman uses a set of tools, to gain wealth and influence until they are no longer required.

These Kobolds are no different. Among the possessions of the slain Kobold leader you find a key to a secret passage. The stairs, cut clean and sharp out of rock give way to a more natural staircase, leading down into a passage whose cool temperature belies the truth of Kobold Hall. A young white dragon awaits the party, laying on a frozen underwater pond. The intrusion is most unwelcome, but in the end, the party emerges victorious.

The white dragon under Kobold Hall is dead.


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