• Amnon


    Tiefling warlock, cloaked in darkness
  • Armos Kamroth

    Armos Kamroth

    Miserly inhabitant of Fallcrest, secret devotee of Tiamat and betrayer of the party
  • Crobin Wood

    Crobin Wood

    Halfling rogue, acquires from the rich, donates to the poor
  • Dayereth


    Eladrin wizard of questionable bravery
  • Gobias Lightfoot

    Gobias Lightfoot

    Halfling assistant to Lord Markelhay
  • Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

    Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

    Current ruler of Fallcrest, he is a fair man, but always busy
  • Nimozaran


    Elderly wizard from the Septarch Tower in Fallcrest
  • Rangrim Ragehammer

    Rangrim Ragehammer

    Dwarf paladin tank, emerged from the darkness to the light of Melora
  • Seargant Nereth

    Seargant Nereth

    A stickler for the rules, but knows his job well.
  • Shortslice


    Dwarven ranger
  • Szøk


    Dragonborn warlord.
  • Tiamat


    Evil god of wealth, greed and envy. Patron of chromatic dragons.
  • Tobolar Quickfoot

    Tobolar Quickfoot

    Halfling apprentice to Nimozaran
  • Wisara Osterman

    Wisara Osterman

    Halfling matron of the Silver Unicorn Inn
  • Zakiya


    Elven cleric, great healer and medic